12 Tips For The Beach! You Will Finally Enjoy Your Vacation!


When summer comes, we all think about the hot sand, the cold sea water and the beautiful tone we get. However, your vacation can become a disaster in no time. That includes lost phone, burns, and a lot of sand. If you still didn’t manage to go on vacation, we show you amazing tips for the beach. These tips include help around how to feel comfortable on the beach, also feeling safe and having fun.

1. Prevent Sand from Sticking on Feet

In order to stop the sand from sticking to your feet, you need to put baby powder on a towel and put it on your feet. The towel will absorb the water and even the tiniest sand pieces will fall off. Your feet will that way be smooth and clean.

1. Prevent Sand from Sticking on Feet


2. How Not to Lose Your Car Keys on Vacation

To prevent losing your keys on the beach, just hide them in your wheels. Take a root, a leave or a flower and tie it to the ring of the key. Tighten it up and let them hang from the inside.



3. Protect Your Stuff

To make sure no one steals your wallet, keys or phone, put them in a child’s towel or wrap them in your underwear. In conclusion, thieves aren’t big fans of these things, so you’re safe!

4. Prevent a Headache

Fast changes of the pressure when you’re diving causes headaches. However, this can get to an end. Before entering the water, make sure you shut your mouth and nose and make a pressure in your head that will last 5-10 seconds. After that, take a deep breath and do that same procedure twice more. This makes the body be adaptable to the different pressure.


5. Save Your Phone from Water

In order to prevent your phone from getting water in it, just put it in a zip bag.With the help of a straw take out the air.

6. Clogged Ears

If you managed to get the water out of your ears, and they are still clogged, it’s time for the natural way. By that, we mean the natural way to get the natural pressure of the ear inside it. Take a balloon, shut your nose and start blowing until you hear a sound like “click”.


7. Fast Refreshments

Before you head to the beach, fill in 1/3 plastic bottles of water. Put them in your freezer. When you need a refreshment on the beach, just pour in any drink you want in a bottle and it will refresh you fast.


8. Cold Footwear

In order not to get a burn from the sandals and flip flops that were in the sun, just put your footwear the other way around when you are not wearing them.

8. Cold Footwear





9. Prevent Sand from Sticking on Your Drink

Just put it in a plastic or paper cup and there will be no sand on it.


10. Protect Your Phone from Sand and Water

One more way to protect your phone is putting your phone in a plastic roll line. In this way, you can take it with you in water, but do not let it out of your sight of course.


11. Healing Sunburns

The juice of aloe vera contains substances that help you in the healing of your wounds. They also heal a swollen part of your body and regenerate the skin. Buy this juice and freeze it with ice. At the end, just go over the parts that are burned. That way, you will ease up the pain and heal the skin.


12. Prevent Your Things from Getting Sand on Them

In order to prevent getting sand on your clothes, footwear or your bag, instead of using benches, use a sheet from your home.

12. Prevent Your Things from Getting Sand on Them


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