Tell Us Your Age And Doctors Will Tell You How Your Metabolism Functions!


Whether we deny it or not, our body goes through a lot of changes as we age. It also doesn’t look like it did 10 years ago. You can feel those changes and you can notice them in your appearance and your energy!

Still, you don’t have to feel bad about these natural procedures. Find out how your metabolism functions in a specific age and learn how to enjoy every stage of life!


20 Years

When you are 20 years old your body is in its’ best shape. Even though that depends on the genetics, the metabolism is the fastest in these years. You can eat as much as you want and that won’t affect the way your body looks. You have enough muscle mass and you don’t get tired easily.  Still, as you get closer to 30 years, the metabolisms’ fastness weakens.

30 Years

Specific procedures in the body become slower – digestion, need for the toilet and slimming. The body does not grow anymore and you start to lose your muscle mass. In that case, you have to work harder and exercise to stay in shape.


40 Years

When you turn 40, you will notice that your metabolisms’ fastness has really fallen. The loss of estrogen and progestogen directly appeal to your reproductive system and monthly cycles. You lose a big amount of muscle mass, especially when you are around 45 years old.


50 Years

In this time the monthly cycle usually stops. That leads to sudden weight gain. The muscles in the body start to change their fat mass and your body demands to eat fewer calories than you did before.



The quality of life

Sure this doesn’t occur the same for all. The quality of your life appeals the metabolism, that means that you should work harder with your body as you get older. The enemies of your health are a bad eating habit and not exercising. Try to never skip breakfast and eat regularly, but in smaller portions. Also, eat slowly, so that the brain gets the information that you are not hungry. By doing this you prevent sugar irregularity in the blood.


Boost your metabolism

When you are 30 years old you will experience problems with sleeping. Try to prevent eating junk food before sleeping. You also need to start exercising, shower with warm water and read something distressful before bed.

To boost your metabolism, exercise is most important. Also, intake more protein and water, eat slow and don’t skip meals. Be well rested and don’t forget your health appointments.


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