Birth Month – The Prediction Of Diseases You Could Suffer From!


Even though it sounds funny, a huge amount of studies show there is a connection indeed. A connection between the birth month the person is born and their medical health, birth weight, puberty and life in general. People that are born in the summer have the least chance of suffering from cancer. However, winter babies have a big risk to suffer from neurological and physical disabilities later in life.



People that are born in January usually suffer from blood pressure, lung cancer, and heart diseases. Also, the chance of getting diabetes type 2 is bigger. Other than that they also have a big chance of suffering from getting fat. Some studies show that they even have a high risk of suffering from depression and schizophrenia. In the darkest winter month, the loss of vitamin D leads to a feeling of loneliness. Also, you are hopeless. Besides all this, these people live a long life.



Many people born in February have weak immunity system. That leads to getting pollen allergies and other types of allergies too. They also suffer from lung cancer and prostate cancer. In, addition, the vascular classifications are also a problem for these people. On the other hand, people that are born in February have a low chance of getting bit by an insect.



Those who are born in March usually suffer from angina pectoris. This usually happens to women, so they are obese or anorexic. The heart of people born in March is their biggest problem. They often suffer from venti cultural fibrations, those are followed by a heart attack. Both the venti cultural fibrations and the prostate cancer are not rare. Like the people born in February, people born in March suffer from the same pollen allergies.



April babies have a high risk of getting cancer later in life. They often suffer from lung and respiratory dysfunctions, as well as from heart diseases. They suffer from bronchitis too. When they are mature they usually have a pessimistic view of the world and end up in a depression. They also drink too much alcohol.



Firstly, the good news, people born in May and July don’t get often sick. Their keen on getting cancer is pretty weak. Still, they have a bigger risk of multiple sclerose, high blood pressure, and even gluten intolerance. People born in May are usually in a depression when they get older. The chance of a suicide is 17% bigger than people who are born in winter or autumn.



When these people are stressed out, they have low appetite. They keen on getting anorexic by 30% more than average people. They also have a high risk of getting diabetes and heart diseases when mature. However, they rarely get cancer or heart attack. They are optimistic and have a bright look on life.



Born in July – they usually don’t have any problems with depression. However, they often have digestive system problems and also problems with teeth and bones. Besides that, they suffer from diabetes type 1. The fact that they have fewer children than others is quite interesting. Still, they have the biggest reason to be happy, they have the lowest risk of infarct or cancer.


People born in August suffer from allergies to dust. Besides that, they suffer from conjunctive. But, people born in this month have a healthy heart and are less keen on heart and brain attacks. Also, the chances of getting cancer or asthma are very low.



Those who are born in September have an excem problem in their childhood. But as time passes by, this problem usually goes away. Besides that, their chances of getting diabetes, heart diseases and more are low. But, they have stomach problems, problems with the breathing organs and allergies on dust.


If your birthday is in this month, you are tough now. October kids suffer from different kinds of diseases. Those include bone breaking, osteoporosis, teeth problems and sometimes even asthma. They also have problems with veins and infections on breathing organs. Still, it’s not all so black. Those born in October have the longest life and have low chances of getting cancer, heart diseases, and high blood pressure.



Bronchitis, viruses, neurodermatitis, neurological pain are things that usually happen to these people. Still, the most common diseases obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and more, usually don’t attack these people. Their life is longer than usual. Besides that, they don’t have problems with reproductive organs.



December kids have a higher risk of different hurts. For example, they are keen on falls, scratches and more. They can even suffer from schizophrenia and depression. But still, they have beyond the average life. They rarely have diabetes or heart diseases.


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