Here’s Why You Should Never Wear Flip Flops!


When summer comes, many of us take their favorite flip flops that were not in use for a longer time. But the problem here is the flip flops themselves. Just stop wearing them! There are a few good reasons why you should not wear them. This simple invention is very comfortable and an everyday shoe. But on the other hand, this simple shoe gets us problems and manages to send us to the doctor.

The pain that comes from wearing flip flops can be eased with massage. However, the best solution is to stop wearing them. It is ok to wear them on the beach, or maybe even under the shower in the gym. In conclusion, they leave hurt feet with scars.

What are they actually? Different people have different thoughts, but speaking of the most dangerous thing to put on yourself, it is definitely the flip flops. In this article, you will find the answer on why they are so bad for you.


1. Cause Blisters

Blisters are painful. They happen because of the ligaments. Their stretching causes this. When the ligaments are not well set up, you end up with blisters. The flip flops are the main problem here. This happens because they allow the feet to have a completely narrow area. That makes the ligaments fall apart from their places.


2. They are Bad for the Midfoot

The biggest problem of flops is that they don’t have any type of support for the midfoot. Every foot has a natural half-circle in the middle. Shoes with a support for the midfoot are the best ones for you because they hold your midfoot right. The ligaments and chords are stretching in the wrong ways when you don’t wear the right shoes. That leads to one thing only – pain! That can be caused by many things!


3. They Lead to Pus Areas

If you wear flip flops that are soft, especially in the water, your feet can make pus happen. Imagine you are at the gym and you have to use the same shower. You wear them to prevent your feet from different types of bacteria. However, bacteria are still going to come on your way, one way or the other. That doesn’t mean you should stop wearing them in public places like the gym or the pool. However, you should keep them dry and change them constantly.


4. Bring up Pooping of Blisters

Blisters are horrible even if we wear different types of shoes. If we wear shoes with no socks, until we use them a couple of times, you will fight with blisters. Flops are different, especially the ones with the plastic belt in the middle. Plastic belts aren’t even close to a leather one. He only squeaks the skin, especially between the fingers. Also, if you wear them on wet legs. They will lead to pooping blisters and you know it!


5. They Make Cramped Fingers

Wearing foot wear with no good support leads to stress on every part of your feet. For example, your fingers can completely change the way they look. The loss of foot support on the midfoot and the plastic belt between the big toe and the pointer toe (long toe) are the two main reasons for this. Flip flops cause the fingers to cramp and the chord stretch themselves. As time goes by, this can get serious. It can even lead to crossed fingers. This condition is not well and demands an operation.


6. They are the Main Reason for Falling

In many middle schools and also high schools, flip flops are not allowed. They are dangerous for the safety of a child. When you wear them it is very easy to trip and fall.  It is enough if someone steps on it. In conclusion, every twisted joint, finger pain and every injury caused by falling happen because of the bad choice of foot wear.


7. They Make You Slower

Have you tried running in flip flops? We do not recommend it for you. Running or even walking will make you slow completely. It is hard to keep on the feet when you are taking a walk. You have to put your leg back in them every step you make. This means they can be a huge obstacle if you want to get to a place quicker or do something faster.


8. They Hurt Your Heels

We all know their recognizable sound – Clap, clap! That is the sound 0f the last part that is hitting your heel. You heels hit the sidewalk over and over again. They actually make harder for you to walk because the whole weight is on your heels. This is why they hurt like hell! The pressure on the skin causes, as said above, causing blisters and pooping of the blisters. We surely don’t want our feet to look like that, especially not in the summer. Long story short, flip flops are ok for the beach, but for a walk around your place choose a more comfortable foot wear.


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