WARNING PEOPLE! Stop Kissing Everyone You Say Hello To…New HPV Virus Erupts and It Kills Faster Than HIV/AIDS!

WARNING PEOPLE! Stop Kissing Everyone You Say Hello To...New HPV Virus Erupts and It Kills Faster Than HIV/AIDS!


Understudies from Kisii University, Kenya and the overall population everywhere have been cautioned against kissing. All that because of an episode of Human papilloma infection. It has seen a few people conceded at Kisii level 5 healing facility in the wake of testing constructive to the malady.


HPV is an irresistible viral malady which causes mouth malignancy. It is transmitted through contaminated body liquids. That is the reason individuals have been cautioned against kissing at any rate they need.


The side effects incorporate a sore throat, extreme cerebral pain, High fever, Vomit and stomach torments.

“We were informed that general wellbeing officers from this zone are working round the clock to know the underlying driver of this. Be that as it may, we are being prompted even on WhatsApp gatherings to abstain from kissing and trading body liquids,” A third-year general wellbeing understudy from Kisii University deplored.


The HPV is step by step coursing Kenya. It is progressively advancing into the Southern parts of Africa and will soon hit Africa on the loose.

Africans are accepted to venture out a great deal to all parts of the world. So if legitimate mindfulness is not made, this is probably going to hit the entire world in no separation time.


You are therefore encouraged to caution and advise relatives, companions. Also, well wishers and partners about this fatal infection that executes quicker than HIV/AIDS.


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